This website provides public information about the OilEClear project - "Development of a safe, compact, highly efficient, economic and fully automatic electrolytic treatment system for separation of emulsified oil from wastewater of ships (bilge) and oil rigs (slop)". OilEClear was initiated by the coordinator, Westmatic i Arvika, and funded by "Research for SME" within the EU 7th Framework Programme.

Project Description

The overriding goal of the SME partners is to enable ships and rigs exploring offshore for oil and gas - the primary target markets for the OilEClear system - to meet all current and expected regulations regarding oil-in-water.

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Project Results

Preliminary project progress- March 2014

With close cooperation with the SMEs, the RTDs in the project have accomplished in depth literature study and preliminary laboratory investigations that provides  enhanced understanding on the characteristics of bilge and slope water and SOA treatment methods, especially  application of electrolysis for separation of oil from bilge and/or slope water as a basis for the technical work in the development of the OileClear technology. Further to this, the scientific basis that has been established includes new knowledge on relevant parameters that impact on the electrochemical process, global design criteria and analytical methods for estimation of hydrocarbon index in the water to be treated by OileClear as well as potential generation of explosive and toxic gases under electrolysis of bilge water.

Technical progress and achievements

The research work on electrocoagulation at Fraunhofer and experience obtained from the Renaren unit being tested on board one of the Stena Line vessels has given valuable knowledge on the performance of the core OileClear process. The investigations undertaken have shown that oil droplets floating in a water matrix can be destabilised using an electrical field, but primarily due to hydroxide flocs from an electrocoagulation process. 

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